What Is ‘Brave Thinking’? – Mary Morrissey, Renowned Speaker & Advisor, Author of “Brave Thinking: The Art and Science Of Creating A Life You Love”

”Brave thinkers on the other hand, developed the courage to think and live from a vision…They’re not going to let circumstances win. They don’t deny the circumstances or situations, but they don’t let them win. And they’re pulling from something that’s greater than the circumstance, situation, or condition. And there’s a way to hold our thinking and mind when circumstances can seem so daunting, so difficult. So, impenetrable. Brave thinkers summon the courage to think and live from a vision, regardless of the circumstances, situations, and conditions.” Mary Morrissey on Electric Ladies Podcast

In this new year, we need all the “brave thinking” we can get – to accelerate the innovating and implementation of the ground-breaking technologies and services we need to both mitigate climate change and to improve our lives, have thriving businesses and create and serve in fulfilling careers.

For what “brave thinking “ means and how to do it, listen to this inspiring discussion between Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson and renowned speaker, advisor and author, Mary Morrissey, who literally wrote the book about it. She has addressed the United Nations repeatedly, collaborated with the Dalai Lama, and advised leaders across the world. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, “Brave Thinking: The Art and Science Of Creating A Life You Love,” as well as others.

You’ll hear:

“Start with a vision…Fast forward in your mind, It’s three years from now or five years from now, and it all worked out. If it all worked out, what kind of income would you really be making that you would love? What, what difference are you making? What impact are you bringing? How many hours a week are you working?.. So you design a work life that answers what would I love? What would I bring? What would I create? What would I earn? What is my time off like? And get a really clear picture of that.”

Mary Morrissey on Electric Ladies Podcast

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