Changing Your Leadership Style – With Maggie Bienaiszewska, Auto Sector Entrepreneur, Women Automotive Network

Małgorzata Bieniaszewska

“The first lesson was do not pretend somebody here know that that was the one when I was trying to dress up like a business woman. But the second one was, which was a really hard one for me, was to understand that we communicate, we have different communication styles, which is, it seems very easy and simple, like everybody communicates somehow, and we are different. But the thing was that if you understand that you have in your team, you have at least four different p four different styles of communication” Maggie Bienaiszewska on Women Automotive Network’s Breaking Barriers Podcast

Are you losing good talent? Are you having communication problems? Malgorzata (Maggie) Bienaiszewska, an auto sector entrepreneur in Poland, explained to me how she transformed her leadership style from, what she calls “Tyrant to Leader,” when I guest hosted the Women Automotive Network’s “Breaking Barriers” podcast recently. She shared some of the 14 leadership lessons she learned the hard way, lessons she wrote about as co-author of the book, “Leader (not) Ideal. 14 Lessons of Effective Leadership.” (English is not her first language.)

Listen to this candid interview with Maggie replayed here on Electric Ladies Podcast with permission from Women Automotive Network. I’ve had the privilege of hosting their podcast and their Summits before and always meet remarkable women transforming the economy.

You’ll hear:

“There are three values in my company…It’s something that we believe in, we live according to it. And these are not just words. I’ll just give you example in a sec, but ‘humankind,’ ‘respect’ and ‘good reputation.’ These are the three values they stem out from the fact who I was and how different it was in the past..” Maggie Bienaiszewska on Women Automotive Network’s Breaking Barriers Podcast

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