Career Advice From 5 Extraordinary ‘Electric Ladies’ Of 2023 – By Listener Demand!

“For me, the key to my career was being clear on what my mission is….I feel so enormously fortunate that I found a president to be able to work for who shares that goal….So I think the lesson in that is either be the leader that you want to believe in, or find that leader and attach yourself to them and see what amazing things you can do together. But, for me, it’s been about being clear on what it is that I wanted to achieve.” Heather Boushey on Electric Ladies Podcast

In 2023 we’ve had dozens of extraordinary women at the top of their game on Electric Ladies Podcast (like all 400+ of our episodes!). From C-level corporate executives to top government officials, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists and scientists, they are all paving their own way – and new paths for women – to build a career by making a difference and making money. In each episode, I ask them for career advice for midcareer women who want to do the same. In this series, listeners requested we air episodes with just their advice.

In this episode in the series, listen to career gems from five extraordinary women from government, the arts, science and business, using their unique talents to drive a clean, green economy in which women have economic parity (the Electric Ladies Podcast mission).

This episode brings you advice from:

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