A Biography of Carbon! – Daniella Ortega, Director of “Carbon: An Unauthorized Biography”

“What surprised me was actually how profound, how deep I managed to have this relationship with carbon. Like, because in the end, I found, through the writing and embodying carbon for so long, I found the connections, the  entanglement of carbon across so many aspects of all our lives so illuminating, so surprising. Sometimes I just felt so moved by the wonder of it all, and I still do. Just thinking about it now makes me think, God, it’s so wondrous.” Daniella Ortega on Electric Ladies Podcast

If you were making a film about carbon, what would it be like? On Electric Ladies Podcast today you’ll hear from a woman who actually did that. She’s science filmmaker Daniella Ortega, who is co-director of a new, extraordinary documentary called “Carbon: An Unauthorized Biography.” They use a number of super-creative theatrical devices to tell the story, including personifying carbon and using 3D animation.

Listen to Daniella Ortega explain on Electric Ladies Podcast in this inspiring conversation with host Joan Michelson, how she came up with the idea and how she and her production team chose how to tell the story of the one element in the universe that is in everything, including us – yet that we are also trying to reduce.

You’ll hear:

“What I’ve come to learn about what it is to be a creative person with ambition and wanting to make an impact … I think finding the gaps of where you sit. You have some skills, that’s great, but where are the gaps? What do you feel can empower you or make you feel or give you those skills that you need to fill those gaps? And then look to other people or ways in which ways to fill them… (Also) don’t be isolated. Connect, connect, connect with those around you, and…don’t give your power away, keep your power and try to build on it.” Daniella Ortega on Electric Ladies podcast

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