Planet Word Museum – Ann Friedman, CEO, Founder, Creator

New Interactive Museum Brings Language to life
“You learn the techniques that make a song or a speech or that ad really effective and persuasive..” Ann Friedman on Electric Ladies Podcast (formerly Green Connections Radio)

We are experiencing every day how powerful words are, ours and other people’s. From the 2020 election to social media, to the protests for equality and climate change, to advertisements and music.

Now, there’s a brand new interactive museum in Washington, DC about language and how it’s effective and persuasive. They describe it as “where language comes to life”

Listen to this enlightening conversation with Ann Friedman, Founder, CEO & Creator of Planet Word and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about how to bring language to life.

We included some sound from the exhibits too, to take you inside.

You’ll hear:

“I want you to go out on the streets of Washington and be more empathetic to what you hear around you, to be more careful with the words you yourself use and be part of a community.” Ann Friedman on Electric Ladies Podcast (formerly Green Connections Radio)

Read Joan’s Forbes piece on the power of words.

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