Social Impact in Tech – Gabriela Gonzalez, Intel Foundation

“Build relationships and trust…and don’t generalize programs across communities. Listen and localize.” Gabriela Gonzalez on Green Connections Radio podcast
With the number of women in science, technology, engineering and math stubbornly stuck at about 25%, tech companies need to be proactive to ensure they have a 21st century workforce.

Listen to Intel Foundation’s Deputy Director Gabriela Gonzalez explain how Intel is investing in diverse communities to attract middle school girls to STEM careers.

Gaby will also talk about her extraordinary career, from engineer to now going for her PhD while working an intense full-time job.

You’ll hear:

“There’s an engineer in all of us…We are solving problems every day…Do a deep dive into your self-analysis…introspection and fill your knowledge gaps.” Gabriela Gonzalez on Green Connections Radio podcast
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