Making Women Extraordinary Leaders  – Coco Brown, A Top 100 Woman in Silicon Valley, CEO of Athena Alliance

“It’s time (for women) to pick our heads up and look around the executive realm and really think broadly about how big our impact can be…Don’t underestimate your value.”  Coco Brown on Green Connections Radio podcast

The economy is in the midst of a massive global shift when the old ways of doing business are giving way to new paradigms – in every sense from managing supply chains to marketing to employee relations, to financial reporting – to a focus more on sustainable business aligned with ESG factors (environment, social and governance). As a result, leadership is changing and it’s becoming more and more apparent every day that the way women tend to lead is more effective and drives stronger performance across all those metrics.

Listen to this fascinating interview with Coco Brown, ranked one of the top 100 women in Silicon Valley and Founder/CEO of the Athena Alliance to find out:

“Trust yourself and realize if you got this far, you can get much further. Take that other leap, especially now when the world is loosening to us (as women)…You can succeed.”  Coco Brown on Green Connections Radio podcast

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