Mobilize, Measure, Manage ESG – Evelyne Saelens, UL Solutions ESG Advisory Lead

“These climate events, they’re impacting our everyday lives. They’re making the world unsafe…Sometimes it might feel that it’s hard to get to solid, tangible information. It’s hard to know that what you’re doing is meaningful, that it really has an impact. So the, what made it extremely interesting at being able to develop these ESG programs at UL Solutions is that the science and the standards driven angle always flows through what we aim to do.”  Evelyne Saelens on Electric Ladies Podcast

While global elites meet in Davos this week, many of them are wrestling with how to respond to the “new” 21st century economy that requires focusing on their organization’s impact on the planet and people, as well as its ability to generate excellent profits. And now, they need to disclose it all in a range of new reporting requirements. How?

Listen to Evelyne Saelens, ESG Advisory at UL Solutions, part of the 100+ year-old scientific standards company discuss what they are measuring these days to help private and public entities manage and report their climate impact in this fascinating conversation with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“Try to be proactive. Get out there, find those people that you are comfortable with putting yourself first, being proactive, maybe even a little aggressive. Why not? We can be aggressive if we know what we want. Let’s do it. So that is the advice that I would give is, is to not sit back, get out there and, do that with people around you that are supportive, that you feel comfortable with doing that.” Evelyne Saelens on Electric Ladies podcast

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