Advanced Technology Improving Transportation – Michele Mueller, Michigan DOT

“We start to look at the advantages of the technology, and we start to really focus in on where can we go forward? What are the things we’re doing and how do we get there collectively so that it is the industry, and the infrastructure side actually coming together and making those choices and implementing these safety features or implementing these (technologies)… There’s no one right solution…It’s collaboration and it will always have to be.” Michele Mueller on Electric Ladies Podcast

There’s a reason automakers are calling themselves “mobility” companies today, not just automakers. It’s because technology is such a dominant piece of the vehicle and transportation sector writ large. How do these technologies change our daily routines?

Listen to this fascinating interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with Michele Mueller, Manager of Connected, Automated and Electrification at the Michigan Department of Transportation, in the heart of the auto sector.

You’ll hear:

“One is, I would say do something you enjoy doing. Find your passion. I found my passion and even on a bad day, it’s a good day, right? I get up in the morning, I get excited to do and to achieve what I’ve set forward. I think the other thing is, don’t expect to change the world tomorrow, right? It takes time. It’s taken me a very long time. It still takes me every day to look at things. Things aren’t going to change overnight, and some things may require a little more energy and a little more pushing and challenging of yourself and others to actually get to achieve that.”

Michele Mueller on Electric Ladies podcast


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