How To Advance Your Career From 5 Women in Different Fields – By Listener Demand!

Electric Ladies Podcast listeners requested that we air a collection of career advice from our various guests, and we heard you. Here’s our second collage of advice from five amazing women from different fields.

The last question in each of our Electric Ladies Podcast episodes is asking for career advice, especially for midcareer women who want to make a difference.  Listeners reached out to us and asked us to publish an episode now and then that is only that advice, so we are doing just that.

This week, you’ll hear career advice from:

Here’s a hint:

“I do think what’s really valuable is to own your expertise. Know what you’re good at and absolutely highlight it, monetize it, but don’t be afraid to keep adding to it. Don’t get stuck in a silo.…Just like, oh, this is where the industry is going and I should get smart about this. So, you have to always keep learning, adding to your skill set, particularly as it like reinforces the thing that you love.”

Genevieve Cullen on Electric Ladies podcast

Read Joan’s Forbes articles here.

You’ll also want to listen to (some of these are under the name Green Connections Radio):

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