How Corporates Can Lead Sustainability – Trisa Thompson, Former Chief Sustainability Officer, Dell Technologies

“Trust in the corporation today is higher than in your own government. That really gives them this moment that they should not squander, because the majority of Americans do believe in climate change and do want something done about it. And so, I think there are some real opportunities …. And this is for boards of directors…If it’s a basic functioning of the company…the board of directions will be held liable for failure to mitigate climate change damage.” Trisa Thompson on Electric Ladies Podcast

A recent study by Edelman found that trust in companies is higher than trust in government, despite the flurry of people leaving their jobs for greener pastures.  Trisa Thompson, former longtime Chief Sustainability Officer of Dell Technologies, says this represents a window of opportunity that companies should seize to make a difference, grow, and recruit and retain the best talent, including women.

Listen to Trisa Thompson explain why in this engaging interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with host Joan Michelson.

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“You have a job, whatever it is, you could be in marketing, you could be a supply chain engineer, where do you see low hanging fruit, whether it’s in your job description or not, that can make a difference in your company? And how do you go get that done?… , I would say let’s all grab the moment what this inflation reduction act and let’s go see what change we can make happen by 2030!” Trisa Thompson on Electric Ladies podcast

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