Environmental Journalism – Soledad O’Brien, Hearst TV & Former CNN Anchor

Hearst Television's "Matter of Fact" anchor Soledad O'Brien. Photo: Jay Mallin

“People have competing interests…(so) move beyond lazy labeling…a reporter’s job is to provide context…undergirded by data and statistics….Be a little fearless.” Soledad O’Brien

The Dakota Access Pipeline fight, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes… the BP Oil Spill, the potential cuts to the EPA budget and rollback of the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts…Journalists rush to cover these stories as they break in the moment, but what’s missing?

Listen to host Joan Michelson’s insightful conversation with renowned journalist Soledad O’Brien, formerly of CNN and MSNBC and now Founder and CEO of Starfish Media Group, an award-winning production company, and host of “Matter of Fact” syndicated on network television via Hearst TV. (This was recorded under our previous name, Green Connections Radio.)

You’ll hear Soledad talk about:

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Joan Michelson and Soledad O’Brien on set for her interview.