Flint Water Safety – Nayyirah Shariff, Community Organizer, Activist

Every time you turn on your tap, think about what you’d have to do if you couldn’t use it – ever. That’s what daily life is still like in Flint, Michigan as a result of lead in the city’s water. The story may not be a top the national news these days, but the crisis continues and is not being fixed.

Listen to host Joan Michelson’s conversation with Nayyirah Sharrif, Flint resident and Director of Flint Rising, an organization pushing for clean water for Flint permanently. This was conducted at the screening of a new documentary (in production by Anthony Baxter) at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival recently, which was followed by a panel discussion including with Nayyirah. (Recorded as Green Connections Radio.)

These stories and the political maneuverings will make you furious that it continues.

You’ll hear about:

(There’s some DCEFF background noise and this interview is a bit shorter than others.)

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