Diesel Trucks May Not Be Doomed – Rachel Muncrief, Int’l Council on Clean Transportation

“With new technologies that will be available around the 2020-2025 timeframe (for internal combustion engine heavy duty vehicles), we found a 43% reduction in fuel consumption.” Rachel Muncrief

Heavy duty trucks and buses play a pivotal role in our economy, transporting the food we eat and the goods we use, and even us, keeping the economy rolling along. They also can contribute to, or help alleviate, air pollution.

So, listen to Dr. Rachel Muncrief of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) talk with host Joan Michelson at the recent ARPA-E Innovation Summit about how automakers and policymakers are innovating this critical component of our economy.

You’ll hear:

“Jump on opportunities to be in management, and ask for them.” Rachel Muncrief

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*This interview was conducted just before the clean diesel scandal at Volkswagen came to light.