Why Saudi Aramco IPO Matters – Dr. Ellen Wald, Author, “Saudi Inc.”

“For Saudi Arabia, they see (this big solar deal with Softbank) really as a necessity…because right now they burn oil for electricity, and they recognize that that’s horrible, that’s just terrible for the environment and it’s not cost-effective.” Dr. Ellen Wald

You might want to dismiss the story of Saudi Aramco Oil and its impending historic IPO – the largest in history, valued at $100 billion – but listen first to this fascinating conversation with Dr. Ellen Wald about why it matters to you and your business.
Ellen is an expert on Middle East geopolitics and the energy sector, and the author of the new best-seller “Saudi Inc. The Arabian peninsula’s search for power and profit.”

You’ll hear:

“If you can understand the motivation of the players, you’ll have a better understanding of where your company fits in or where a particular client might fit in.” (or where you might fit into the company) Dr. Ellen Wald on Green Connections Radio
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