21st Century Science Museum – Alison Brown, Science Museum of Minnesota

”Everybody can become a scientist…We all use science every day of our lives”

Alison Brown on Green Connections Radio

What’s the science in sports? It’s in the human body, the physics of how sports equipment works, such as the impact of the length of the stick on how its thrown by whom. Then there’s coding, and energy and how their own building works.
Alison Brown, the CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota shares her enthusiasm for science – and how to tell the science story in way that engages, inspires and educates kids of all ages – with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

And,…how a “practice interview” changed her life and what we can all learn from her experience.

“Climate change as a topic doesn’t resonate with people. They need to see how it…affects their lives…Show it through examples so they can better understand its impact.”

Alison Brown on Green Connections Radio

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