Indoor Farming – Jackie Roberts, Appharvest

Can Indoor Farming Save Our Food Supply From Climate Change?
Jackie Roberts, Appharvest, Chief Sustainability Officer

“A.I has enabled us to get very precise measures and give the plants precisely what the plans need…(So) The yields in our greenhouses are about 30x the traditional farm.” and without any chemicals. Jackie Roberts on Green Connections Radio podcast

What if we could grow produce in a way that was not at the mercy of weather swings or events? A new massive indoor farm called Appharvest thinks they have found a way.
Listen to Jackie Roberts, Chief Sustainability Officer of Appharvest describe how their massive 60-acre indoor farm is climate resilient and innovative – and produces yummy produce – in this engaging conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. Jackie was also awarded the White House Presidential Environment and Conservation Challenge Award.
You’ll learn:

“I really appreciate that in each role, I’ve learned something new…(always) working with integrating sustainability into all functions and financial systems. ” Jackie Roberts on Green Connections Radio podcast

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