100 Years of Women Voting – Lori Harrison-Kahan, Author of Book on Suffrage Journalist Miriam Michelson

As we commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which confirmed women have the right to vote, here is a glimpse into an untold part of the story.

It’s about a rare female journalist in the then male-dominated field of journalism who used her platform to keep the movement in the headlines.

She also wrote fiction that is considered source material for “Wonder Woman” comics. That journalist is Miriam Michelson, who also happens to be GCR host Joan Michelson’s great-great aunt.

Listen to professor Lori Harrison-Kahan of Boston College also share stories about how the @MeToo movement originated in the suffrage movement.

Lori wrote a best-selling recent book, “The Superwoman and Other Writings of Miriam Michelson (Joan wrote the foreword to it).

You’ll hear: 

For more on the suffrage movement, including Joan’s sold-out even at the Newseum go here.

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