Lessons fr Fortune 50 Most Powerful Women – Eleanor Beaton, Executive Coach

What do the Fortune 50 Most Powerful Women do that has advanced their careers to the very top? What can we all learn from them?

Listen to this fascinating discussion with executive coach Eleanor Beaton who was trained by the Oprah coach Dr. Martha Beck. Eleanor and Green Connections host Joan Michelson break down the careers of these amazing women to find what the rest of us can learn from their success.

Here are a few tidbits:

How to work with gender bias – and “stereotype threat” so they help you, and don’t exhaust you. (Your exhaustion may not be due to long hours after all!) – at about 9 minutes in How to “show up at that table and be aware that (you) have to manage your reputation” but do not “allow that…to derail you from showing up authentically…or from dealing with the issues” at hand. Patterns and habits in top performers to pay attention to. – at about 20 minutes in What to ask your manager/boss. – at about 23 minutes Nuances of mentorships and sponsorships that work – at about 40 minutes What makes women’s initiatives successful?

And a real gem of insight at the end from Ms. Eleanor…so listen through to the end.

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