6 Career Tips For Women In Climate – From Leaders On The COP26 Stage

6 Career Tips For Women In Climate – From Leaders On The COP26 Stage

Women are key to the battle against climate change from multiple angles, so how do we get more women in climate leadership?

Women are natural innovators whose ideas we need at the table in order to find the best solutions. Women are also the most vulnerable population on the front lines of the crisis. Women are the caretakers of their families and communities.

Yet, the huge United Nations climate conference known as COP26 this year was still largely dominated by men. To address this disparity and pressing need, and help more women advance into leadership roles in combating climate change across various industries, I interviewed three highly-influential women leaders who took the stage at the huge recent United Nations climate conference known as COP26 on my Electric Ladies Podcast.  These three women move in the highest levels of government, media, business, NGOs, science and academia.

Sandrine Dixson is Co-President of the Club of Rome and chaired the high-profile session at COP26 with President Biden, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and other global leaders, when they announced their ground-breaking commitment to deforestation.  The Club of Rome is comprised of heads of state and top CEO’s, scientists and academics from around the globe who “are committed to facilitating the difficult conversations and the bold actions” to combat climate change and its devastating impact on people, the planet and the economy.

Gillian Tett is the Editor-at-Large of the Financial Times and chair of the FT’s Editorial Board, cofounder of their popular Moral Money newsletter, and formerly was its U.S. Managing Editor, among other roles. She’s also the author of four books on the financial markets, has a Ph.D. in social anthropology, and writes weekly columns, covering a range of economic, financial, political and social issues. She has won many awards, including in 2014 being named “Columnist of the Year” by the British Press Awards.

Twila Moon is a climate scientist who is a leading expert on glaciers and a top professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s National Snow and Ice Data Science, housed in its Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. She regularly speaks on climate issues in the media and at events.

Here are their career tips from these extraordinary leaders, especially for women who want to make a difference in climate issues:


To that point, Twila Moon says:

That includes choosing your priorities and….

And, most importantly….

Be tenacious. Don’t give up”:  Gillian Tett insists.  Understand that life is not a ladder, Tett said, referencing Sheryl Sandberg’s comment that, “it’s a jungle gym.”  Therefore, “you have to think more creatively and flexibly.”

Especially in the climate-energy-ESG economy, which intersects with every industry, you need to be both persistent and creative. You need to tap knowledge and trends from various different industries, and don’t let the rejections knock you off your game.

This was originally published in Forbes here.