Year-End Planning to Get Investors – Jenny Kassan, Jenny Kassan Consulting

“If you’re solving a problem in the world, if your business addresses climate change, for example, guess what? …Anyone who’s passionate about climate change would be a great potential investor for you. So (investors) are really all over the place. Mostly, it just takes a mindset shift.”  Jenny Kassan on Electric Ladies Podcast

As the year comes to an end, you may be thinking you would like to raise money for your small business from investors, but you’re feeling overwhelmed or put off by what you’ve heard about the process.  Well, listen to Jenny Kassan, CEO & Founder of her own firm, where she helps entrepreneurs – especially women and entrepreneurs in mission-focused businesses – find investors in “normal” people. How?

Listen to Jenny explain these trends and findings in this fascinating interview with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.

You’ll learn (and want to take notes) about:

“Don’t be afraid to go ahead and start your own business if it is something that you’re passionate about, but do learn that skill of raising money. I think that’s the biggest problem that happens when women do start their own businesses, that they started on a shoestring…A lot of businesses do need some upfront money to invest in things, to make sure it’s a healthy, successful business before you can really start to be profitable. So… be realistic about what it takes and learn that skill of raising money for your business.“ Jenny Kassan on the Electric Ladies podcast

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