Raising Money While Female – Ginger Rothrock, HG Ventures

“Do you understand what customers are looking for?…Do you know where you want to go? Can you tell a story? Are you the right person to lead this team and bring others on board?…The financial model is often the number side of your story. It is storytelling through numbers.” Ginger Rothrock on Electric Ladies Podcast… Continue reading Raising Money While Female – Ginger Rothrock, HG Ventures

Year-End Planning to Get Investors – Jenny Kassan, Jenny Kassan Consulting

“If you’re solving a problem in the world, if your business addresses climate change, for example, guess what? …Anyone who’s passionate about climate change would be a great potential investor for you. So (investors) are really all over the place. Mostly, it just takes a mindset shift.”  Jenny Kassan on Electric Ladies Podcast As the… Continue reading Year-End Planning to Get Investors – Jenny Kassan, Jenny Kassan Consulting

Start-up Resources – Julie Lenzer, UMD Entrepreneur Program

“It’s easier to change the world with money…Ideas are out there…the trick is in the execution. It’s not always the best technology that works…Be persistent.” Julie Lenzer Having a great idea for a new technology or new business model that you think can change the world is terrific. But it will only make that change… Continue reading Start-up Resources – Julie Lenzer, UMD Entrepreneur Program

Funding For Women Entrepreneurs – Shelly Porges, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Billion Dollar Fund for Women

“Men are presumed to be capable and to have done their homework…questioned about potential… Women…(hear) challenging questions , like ‘Why are you qualified?’…(Yet), women-owned businesses return on average 63% higher rates of return than male-only founded teams.”
Shelly Porges on Green Connections Radio podcast – Listen for tips on what you can do be successful!

Tech Entrepreneur Funding – Anna Brady-Estevez, NSF, SBIR Grant Program Director, National Science Foundation

Maybe you have a great idea or new app you developed that you’re itching to bring to life. Maybe you have a friend who does… Or, maybe you’re an entrepreneur who is running out of funds and fears not being able to continue. If this rings a bell, listen up. This podcast provides vital information about a federal grant program you can apply for. There’s no guarantee you’ll be approved, but you certainly won’t get it if you do not apply. It’s called the Small Business Innovation Research – or SBIR – grants (or STTRs). About half a dozen federal agencies offer them, all with different criteria. The SBIR program we’re talking about today is from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and has an open agenda, focused on the potential of the technology to make a big positive societal impact if it succeeds.

“It’s Easier to Change the World If You Have Money” – Serial Entrepreneur & EDA Head Julie Kirk

“It’s easier to change the world if you have money.” Julie Lenzer Kirk, award-winning serial entrepreneur and head of the Economic Development Administration Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) at the U.S. Commerce Department.  As a mentor to entrepreneurs and an author, Kirk shares juicy insider tips for fulfilling the entrepreneur’s ‘hierarchy of needs” based on her own successes (and failures).  Grab something to write with….
Listen to this engaging and informative discussion with Green Connections host Joan Michelson as Kirk encourages entrepreneurs to think big, define your niche and where to go to get the money, services and support you need because “you being starving does not help anyone.”

Looking for a Job?

Looking for a job? Between 1 and 3 million new U.S. manufacturing jobs are being created in the energy field over the next 5 to 10 years. But before you say “I’m not an engineer,” remember: They hire administrative assistants, marketers, project managers, bookkeepers and finance people too, that is, all levels and skills. This… Continue reading Looking for a Job?