Integrating Purpose in Orgs. – Beth Colleton, Frmr SVP CSO, NBCUniversal and NFL

NBC UNIVERSAL EXECUTIVES -- Pictured: Elizabeth Colleton, Vice President, Green is Universal -- NBC Universal Photo: Dan Nelkin.

“You’ve got to walk the halls and really understand how they run the business, where their pressure points are and what they think their challenges are….walk in their shoes….It’s not what you’re selling, it’s what they’re buying.”
Beth Colleton on Green Connections Radio, “Purpose” is in style right now, but how do you “do” purpose successfully, driving measurable value creation in a large company or organization? How do you create and lead sustainability efforts that make a difference? Listen to Beth Colleton, former SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at NBCUniversal (and formerly at the NFL) discuss the nuts and bolts of this work with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

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