Driving Eco-Innovation in Industrial Products – Rasha Hasaneen, Ingersoll Rand

As record heats spread across the U.S. (and the globe), air conditioning systems and the power systems they depend upon are getting a workout.  These HVAC systems – heating, cooling and ventilation – “account for approximately 50 percent of energy consumption in the average home” and about 39% of energy use in commercial buildings in the U.S., and they last for 10-15 years,  By the time you read this, there’s another new technology, and there’s a pressing demand for more eco-conscious systems. So, how do you juggle these competing demands and keep your talented team engaged?  Listen…

How To Sell Your Crazy Idea Internally

“Uh-oh. There she is. I know you’re here to take me out of my comfort zone. Give me a minute,” my boss at Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars would say when he would see me at his office door. Then, he would grab the arms of his chair, close his eyes and say, “Ok, I’m ready,”… Continue reading How To Sell Your Crazy Idea Internally

Looking for a Job?

Looking for a job? Between 1 and 3 million new U.S. manufacturing jobs are being created in the energy field over the next 5 to 10 years. But before you say “I’m not an engineer,” remember: They hire administrative assistants, marketers, project managers, bookkeepers and finance people too, that is, all levels and skills. This… Continue reading Looking for a Job?