Start-up Resources – Julie Lenzer, UMD Entrepreneur Program

“It’s easier to change the world with money…Ideas are out there…the trick is in the execution. It’s not always the best technology that works…Be persistent.” Julie Lenzer

Having a great idea for a new technology or new business model that you think can change the world is terrific. But it will only make that change if it succeeds in the marketplace, which is very tough.

The success stories we hear about in the media make it sound easier than it is. We do not hear about the thousands of others that do not thrive – but those can offer lessons too.

Listen to Julie Lenzer, Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Maryland and serial tech entrepreneur, tell Green Connections Radio podcast host Joan Michelson what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur and where to find those resources, including funding.

You’ll hear (take notes!):

Read Joan’s Forbes blogs too.

“Don’t be shy about…your accomplishments. Humility will only get you so far and there’s a way to humble brag. Ask a friend to help you because I guarantee you are probably underselling yourself. Be bold. Think big.” Julie Lenzer

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