Seeing Opportunities in Crisis – Colleen Biggs, Founder/CEO & Leadership Coach, Lead Up for Women


“People aren’t looking for the perfect you, they’re looking for you and what you can do for their company – and your ‘why.’”  Colleen Biggs on Green Connections Radio podcast
We are all having to find new ways to generate revenue, be seen and heard, conduct business, stay connected to our audiences and make a difference in this pandemic economy. Some are thriving while others are struggling, and we wanted to know what the thrivers are doing, so we sat down with a serial entrepreneur who has mastered the art of reinvention in both business and as a person.

Listen to Colleen Biggs, Founder and CEO of Lead Up for Women, discuss tips for how women in her network are thriving in these uncertain upside down times with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

Biggs founded and runs a community of women leaders and business owners focused on advancement and doing good, is a leadership coach and hosts her own podcast.

You’ll hear (take notes!):

“We only have one life and you only have one chance to be you… and live the life of your dreams…find something you feel passionate about… (and) believe in yourself.”
Colleen Biggs on Green Connections Radio podcast

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