Gifts with Values – Jules Pieri, The Grommet

Gifts with Values – Jules Pieri, The GrommetAre you looking for different gifts this year, those that match your values, are creative, and made by “real people” not mass produced?
Then, prepare to take notes as you listen to Jules Pieri, Founder & CEO of the creative gift site The Grommet on Green Connections Radio describe unique gifts “made by real people with stories and values worth sharing.”

The Grommet Holiday Catalog has a full range for buffs of all kinds and everyone on your list – something for the cook, the kids, the host/hostess, the wall, the wine- lover and more.
Jules shares:

And more….
This episode aired last year, so if you have a hard time finding the gifts she describes in our interview, that may be why. (Stay tuned for an update! Follow the link to the current catalog.)
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