Transitioning Coal Communities – Heidi Binko, Executive Director, Just Transition Fund

“What can companies who have pledged to source 100% of their energy from clean energy sources do to help coal country?”

Heidi Binko

 Coal country is an endangered species, between new technologies and the shift to a clean energy economy. So, how do you pivot entire communities and industries for a 21st century economy?

Listen to Heidi Binko, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Just Transition Fund talk about her unique program that’s tackling this challenge in this enlightening conversation with host Joan Michelson. There are lessons for all of us in finding creative solutions, partnering, and stretching ourselves to learn new skills and see new perspectives.

You’ll hear about:

“Be very, very clear about your goals… and what your intended outcomes are, and think long and hard about how you’re going to measure success.” Heidi Binko

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