Commemorating 100 Years Of Women Voting & As Journalists, A Newseum Event

The event Joan Michelson and Green Connections Media produced and moderated last week at the Newseum celebrating 100 years of women voting – the centennial of the 19th Amendment – was a big hit!

Thank you to the Newseum for being fabulous hosts and to Politico’s Women Rule initiative for supporting us! Thanks to the fascinating and engaging panelists, Anna Palmer of Politico, Shawna Thomas of Vice News and Lori Harrison-Kahan, author of “The Superwoman and Other Writings by Miriam Michelson” about the suffrage journalist who helped bring the 19th Amendment over the finish line (and Joan’s great-great aunt).

We had a terrific discussion about women journalists who played a critical role in the success of the 19th Amendment (including my great-great aunt, Miriam Michesights you gain from their stories!

Watch the replay here or listen to the podcast of it below.  Our sold-out audience was engaged and asked terrific questions, too!

A few nights later, Joan moderated another event panel on women in history about more remarkable women trailblazers – including a woman’s triumph in her 1894 #MeToo-esque trial – and saw patterns we can all learn from:

Being underestimated can give you leverage. Our society encourages you to want to be seen as “the best” all the time, and I get it. But these women – including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – show us that sometimes being “underrated” and choosing to break out of normative behavior can help you and even lead to history-making change. Joan wrote more about this in Forbes in “Being Underestimated Can Be Your Leverage To Success” and “Refusing To ‘Behave’ Can Change History”

Reinvention. As our journeys evolves, we all need to reinvent ourselves, to pivot in some way, around obstacles, or honing our message, often finding another path to success. Even Louisa May Alcott, who wrote one of the most enduring, influential and best-selling books of all time, “Little Women,” teaches us this in unexpected ways.

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