Insurance For How We Live – Tina Kirby, Insurance Innovators

Business Interruption & Disaster Insurance Explained & Redefined

“When you think about what you are claiming from an insurance perspective, it’s partly property damage, but it’s largely also business interruption. So, your lack of sales, your lack of being able to produce things, your lack of being able to distribute things.” Tina Kirby on Electric Ladies podcast

While you’re reviewing your insurance policies during this pandemic to see if it covers your business being ordered closed due to this pandemic, it’s a good time to review it for disasters of any kind, including climate change-related ones. Many business owners and homeowners found during hurricanes like Harvey and Maria that their insurance policies did not cover them as they thought they would. Because of this and since experts predict more extreme weather events, today we’re examining what insurance CAN be for how we really live, work and play.

Listen to this enlightening interview of Tina Kirby with host Joan Michelson. Tina is head of Insurance Innovators and spent about 25 years in the insurance industry, on every side of it, and is now working full time to reinvent it for the benefit of all parties involved. (This was recorded under our previous name, Green Connections Radio.)

You’ll hear:

“I would begin with what your passion is…and look for links between what you do and that passion you have, or that purpose you would like to see in your company…And be curious and open-minded and help out wherever you can.” Tina Kirby on Electric Ladies podcast

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