Get Certified As A Professional Coach – With Nature!

Are you ready for the New Economy?
Are you thinking about becoming a coach – or about getting certified if you are currently a coach?
Do you value nature and want to explore a new approach integrating ecopsychology and nature?
The convergence of the coronavirus, the pandemic-induced economic crisis, and the protests sweeping streets – has permanently shifted our world. Add climate change, and a new economy with a new set of values is emerging. Fast.
What will happen to your career? A new form of coaching is emerging from this paradigm shift and I’m so interested in it that I am going to be trained in it myself. And you get certified as a professional coach!
It’s called Coaching With Nature and was developed by Tabitha Jayne, a Certified Professional Coach and integrates the way nature works into decision making.
If you’re curious about it, considering becoming a coach, want to get certified, or are a certified coach and want to expand your skills ….
Check out this webinar I did recently with Tabitha Jayne, the creator of Coaching With Nature to learn more about it:

You can also listen to my podcast interview with her (recorded before this webinar) and

read my Forbes blog about Tabi’s coaching approach here and on career advice here.

To explore how this approach could help your career and your decision-making.

If you want more information or have any questions, please let me know.
Stay well and positive,
Joan Michelson