Climate Philanthropy – Heather Grady, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“Philanthropy generally, we consider, contributing private money for public good or community good. And climate philanthropy is simply, when we are making those private contributions in ways that are going to address the climate crisis that our country and that the world is facing today. I would expand that slightly by saying that one of… Continue reading Climate Philanthropy – Heather Grady, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Nature As A Decision-Making Model – Tabitha Jayne Coaching With Nature

“What’s happening on a physiological level is that the more time we spend in the natural world…paying attention to the natural world around us, it’s actually switching off parts of our brain associated with the fear, stress…and helping us access creativity, intuition, our capacity for innovation, to make better decisions.” Tabitha Jayne Could combining looking… Continue reading Nature As A Decision-Making Model – Tabitha Jayne Coaching With Nature

Get Certified As A Professional Coach – With Nature!

Are you ready for the New Economy? Are you thinking about becoming a coach – or about getting certified if you are currently a coach? Do you value nature and want to explore a new approach integrating ecopsychology and nature? Our economy has permanently shifted. Fast. What will happen to your career? A new form of coaching is emerging from this paradigm shift called Coaching With Nature. Check out this webinar I did recently about it…

Ecopsychology? A Decision-Making Model – Tabitha Jayne, Coaching With Nature

Could combining how nature functions (such as how a rose easily blooms), with the systems in professional coaching help us achieve more of our potential? Tabitha Jayne says it worked for her after personal tragedy, so she created the “Coaching With Nature” program to help others too. Listen to Tabi describe this novel coaching program and why she says it works, complete with an understanding of “ecopsychology,” in this enlightening interview on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson.

Buildings Made From Plants – Laura Busse Dolan, Owner, CEO & President, Applied Imagination

When I visited the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, DC a couple of months ago, I saw these amazing miniatures of landmark buildings – the Capitol, the Smithsonian Museums, the Lincoln Memorial and even historic train stations – made from plants, nuts, and other botanics. They were such magical creations, I tracked down the company that makes them.
Listen to Laura Busse Dolan, the Owner, CEO & President of Applied Imagination tell Green Connections Radio podcast host Joan Michelson how these amazing sculptures are made, what they are made from, and who makes them, how she took over the family business and career advice too. You’ll be inspired….

Going Outside is Saving Lives – Alisha Camacho, Filmmaker, Environmental Educator

Alisha Camacho produced a free, online documentary series about how going outside is saving lives, preserving the environment, and empowering communities along the Anacostia River.  Alisha, one of GCM’s videographers, explains more about her project and the inspiration in the interview with Joan.
The documentary series will follow the lives of individuals living along the Anacostia River, and show their journey as they reconnect with the natural environment along this historically neglected and polluted Watershed.