Going Outside is Saving Lives – Alisha Camacho, Filmmaker, Environmental Educator

Alisha Camacho

Alisha Camacho produced a free, online documentary series about how going outside is saving lives, preserving the environment, and empowering communities along the Anacostia River.  Alisha, one of GCM’s videographers, explains more about her project and the inspiration in the interview with Joan below.
The documentary series will follow the lives of individuals living along the Anacostia River, and show their journey as they reconnect with the natural environment along this historically neglected and polluted Watershed. Through their stories, we will begin to understand why we need to reconnect with our natural surroundings, the surprising benefits of being outdoors, and the consequences of our plugged in lifestyles. Viewers will ultimately be challenged to examine how our society’s increasingly sedentary and indoor lifestyles are hazardous to our health and quality of life.

Listen to Joan’s interview with Alisha: