Eco-Oyster Farming – Kay Olin, Panacea Oyster Cooperative

Reinventing Oyster Farming & Economic Development at Once
Reinventing Oyster Farming & Economic Development at Once
You can still get sustainable seafood during a pandemic, and Green Connections Radio previous guest Kay Olin and her Estuary Oysters proves businesses can continue to grow. They are now a supplier to all Whole Foods in Florida (where Estuary is located), with plans to expand.

Listen to this interview from a couple of years ago when Kay explained to GCR host Joan Michelson how they farm sustainable oysters and build the economy at the same time.

You’ll learn a lot about oysters and farming them that is a business lesson, as well as a lesson in one of the world’s favorite delicacies:

And more!

“I think that you just have to have good antenna everyday about the providence of where you are and who you’re meeting and why are you meeting that person. What do they know that that can help you? And what do you know that can help them?”

Kay Olin on Green Connections Radio

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