Eco-Oyster Farming – Kay Olin, Panacea Oyster Cooperative

You can still get sustainable seafood during a pandemic, and Green Connections Radio previous guest Kay Olin and her Estuary Oysters proves businesses can continue to grow. They are now a supplier to all Whole Foods in Florida (where Estuary is located), with plans to expand. Listen to this interview from a couple of years ago when Kay explained to GCR host Joan Michelson how they farm sustainable oysters and build the economy at the same time.

Kathy Loftus of Whole Foods

With the recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market by Amazon, it’s a good time to listen to Green Connections Radio host’s fascinating conversation with Whole Foods Markets’ Global Head of Sustainable Facilities, Kathy Loftus. Kathy initiated some innovative strategies to reduce the enormous energy consumption of the retailer’s 420 stores and myriad other buildings. How… Continue reading Kathy Loftus of Whole Foods