Building a Business with Care – Jules Pieri, CEO, The Grommet

“There’s endless innovation in this area (of sustainable products) because it’s where people are focused essentially.

When you think of values or voting with your dollars, this is one of the very first things people would think of…These products are not a compromise but an improvement in functionality.” 

Jules Pieri on Green Connections Radio

Jules Pieri and her company The Grommet have learned so much from launching their own business and over 30,000 products on their e-commerce site that sells hand-picked products made by small “makers,” that she decided to write a book about it.

In her extensive interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson, about her book, “How We Make Stuff Now,” Pieri explains key lessons learned.

You’ll hear:

“You are way more confident and savvy than you would have ever been 20 years ago, and that’s a strength to play to. You have a playbook, you kind of know your personal ethics, you…manage people, you have a Rolodex maybe digital, of people who might be motivated to help you or join you..” 

Jules Pieri on Green Connections Radio

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