Pushing Business Sustainability- Suzanne Fallender, Sustainability Director, Intel

“I think it’s always about meeting people where they are. I think sometimes…people can go over the edge of just making the business case, where…I think people do want to do the right thing.”

What if corporations took their responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and as corporate citizens seriously and integrated it into their corporate strategies?

That’s exactly what Suzanne Fallender, Director of Sustainability at Intel told Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson they are doing. From reducing energy and water use, eliminating the use of conflict minerals, to finding ways to recycle or reuse almost every by-product or waste material, she said Intel is leading industry.

You’ll hear:

And, great career advice, including important it is to “make time for thinking.”

“You also have to make time for thinking and learning and reflecting…and not beating myself up so much about not getting everything done all the time because you can drive yourself completely crazy because there’s too much to do it all.”

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