Comedy & Innovation! Courtney Bickert, Comedienne & Social Innovator, Formerly at UN Foundation

“Comedy loosens the brain. It generates creativity. There’s something physiologically that happens in our brains. We stop thinking linearly and start thinking non-linearly when we hear jokes, when we try to tell jokes.” Courtney Bickert

And now for something different….To solve today’s most intractable problems – from climate change to inequality to combating terrorism and corruption – as well as business challenges, we need  the most creative ideas we can find, figure out how to do them, and then find ways to implement them.

So, when I met my guest today, I knew I needed to introduce you to her.

Listen to my interview with Courtney Bickert, social innovator and comedienne, with her thoroughly different take on social innovation.

You’ll hear:

“For me, what’s really important is to find, is what is it that you’re really good at…and then fitting that into where you can do good. That can be in a company… in a for-profit setting,… in a nonprofit setting…in your neighborhood…build on what you’re good at.

Courtney Bickert on Green Connections Radio

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