Can Microgrids Prevent Power Loss – and Pay YOU?

Remember the last time you lost power…Did you lose documents on your computer? Was your home suddenly dark, leaving you fumbling around for a flashlight? Was it a bad storm?  Our power-dependent lives are brought to a screeching halt when we lose electricity – and it’s scary, even life-threatening too.

What if it doesn’t have to be that way? Microgrids are one of the new technologies turning the utility sector on its head and offering us our very own real back-up systems.

One of the amazing entrepreneurs taking this on is Lisa Laughner, Founder and CEO of Go Electric Inc, a microgrid innovator that landed contracts with New York state and others in the aftermath of SuperStorm Sandy in an effort to fend off another power crisis like the one that storm caused.  The utilities are even paying customers a monthly retainer to keep their microgrids, and asking businesses and homeowners to use them sometimes to reduce the strain on the utilities. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

In this engaging interview of Lisa by Green Connections host Joan Michelson live from the ARPA-E Innovation Summit, you’ll hear about how she started Go Electric and how she landed those ground-breaking contracts with such a brand new technology and company.  

Find out how Go Electric can contribute to your peace of mind – and maybe your pocketbook.

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