Climate as National Security Issue – Sherri Goodman, Former former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

It’s important to remember the national security implications of climate change.

Listen to Joan Michelson’s fascinating (and a bit frightening) interview with former Deputy Secretary of Defense, and former Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Military Advisor at CNA, a top national security think tank, Sherri Goodman on how climate relates to national security.

She personally shifted the DoD’s mindset on these issues when she was in the Pentagon as the first Deputy Secretary of Environment.

Listen to Sherri Goodman explain:How climate change is a national security issue.How wars start over water, food, natural resources.

Why your area might not get what it needs in a disaster because of it.What we can do about it – and tell our Members of Congress and Mayors to do.And more! (This was recorded under our previous name, Green Connections Radio.)

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