Is Your Office Covid-Safe? – Rachel Gutter, Int’l Well Building Institute

“Employers need to be providing re-onboarding to every employee and for that matter for even every guest that comes into the building, because… comes down to each and every individual and their commitment to these new protocols and policies.”

As we prepare to return to our offices, schools, coworking spaces, and houses of worship, while the coronavirus still swirls around us, there are steps building managers, employers, administrators and employees – each of us – can take to make sure we and our colleagues are safe from COVID-19.

The International Well Building Institute has developed standards and ratings to determine how safe and “healthy” our spaces are, and adapted them with advice from a COVID-19 Task Force of 540+ top experts. To find out about those standards and get practical tips we each use.

Listen to this enlightening interview with Rachel Gutter, president of the Institute with host Joan Michelson on Electric Ladies Podcast (then known as Green Connections Radio).

You’ll want to take notes because you’ll hear:

“Take advantage of this moment and ask yourself….What we have to learn from this moment?….There’s so much opportunity.” Rachel Gutter on Electric Ladies Podcast (then known as Green Connections Radio)

Read Joan’s Forbes blog about it too.

You’ll also want to listen to:

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