Risk, Tips for Kids & 3D Printers – Marilyn Black, UL Chemical Safety

“There is a concern…that some of these chemicals are resulting in changes in the biological systems that could be affecting growth and development of the child.” Marilyn Black on Green Connections Radio

Do you have a 3D printer in your home, school or office? Do your kids have one at school?

If so, or if you’re considering buying one,

Listen to Dr. Marilyn Black of UL Chemical Safety talk with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about a ground-breaking new study that revealed the hazards of these magical machines and how you can reduce the risks to your and your kids’ health – or anyone standing near it.

You’ll hear:

“Follow your passion…making sure you have a genuine interest in that area, but you also have the professional capability in that area as well…you need to step out of your comfort zone and start an initiative that helps you apply all that passion and knowledge.” Marilyn Black on Green Connections Radio

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