“Seismic Shift” in Financial Power & ESG Metrics – Patsy Doerr, Thomson Reuters, Global Head, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability & Inclusion

“There’s a lot more pressure on companies to reveal their statistics…give us the number…a lot more expectation from employees, from clients, from investors to see that level of granularity.”

How do the bolder positions on social and environmental issues that many companies are taking affect their financial performance? What difference can we as individuals make?

Listen to Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s candid, engaging conversation about “tipping point” we are at where social impact meets 70% of financial power.

They talk about the impact of transparency and corporate activism on the bottom line and how we can use ESG metrics to find out what the company is really doing. What can we do with that information?

You’ll hear about:

“Know what you’re good at, over and above your functional expertise and market yourself accordingly.” Patsy Doerr, Thomson Reuters, and how to be a strong woman in a still-male-dominated world without losing your femininity.

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