Women’s Voting Rights – Women Journalists Give Bird’s Eye View at The Newseum

Women did not have the right to vote when the U.S. was founded; that’s a fact many still do not know.

Listen to the group of prominent women journalists and an historian talk about the women journalists behind the scenes using their stories, influence and access to help the 19th Amendment, which acknowledged women have the right to vote, ratified 101 years ago.

Panelists include: Anna Palmer, then of Politico and now Founder of Punchbowl Media, Shawna Thomas then managing editor of Vice News Tonight and now Executive Producer of CBS This Morning. and Lori Harrison-Kahan, author of “The Superwoman and Other Writings by Miriam Michelson”

This was an event GCR host Joan Michelson produced and moderated at The Newseum to commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment. It was recorded prior to the 2020 election.

Maybe you’ll get tips for supporting today’s voting rights battles.

You’ll hear:

Thank you to the Newseum for being fabulous hosts and to Politico’s Women Rule initiative for supporting us!

Watch the video replay here and read more stories about Miriam Michelson and other unsung heroes of the 19th Amendment fight.

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