Branding in Crisis  – Anne Bahr Thompson, Author, “Do Good: Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit”

“Brand citizenship is a way of doing business – from a company’s core purpose; to its delivery of goods and services; to its responsibility to its employees, community, the environment and the world – that people trust, believe in and rely on…all with the aim of earning profits that are maintainable over the long term.” Anne Bahr Thompson

Leaders, organizations and workplaces are preparing for a post-covid world, figuring out which new ways of doing business will remain.  As I wrote about in Forbes recently, these profound shifts are ushering in the Era of ESG – the investing term for a focus on environment, social and governance issues – when these issues are taking center stage financially as well as strategically.

In my piece, I quoted branding expert and author Anne Bahr Thompson from my interview with her.

Listen anew to our interview first broadcast in the beginning of covid’s dominance this year. We talked about steps companies and leaders should take – and not take – in this unprecedented crisis.

You’ll hear:

“We each come into the world with gifts. And, how do we apply those gifts and have them intersect with the things we’re good at and the things we’re interested in so that we can contribute.” Anne Bahr Thompson

Read my Forbes blogs about Welcome to the Era of ESG, and about how brands can adapt or reinvent their messaging to respond to such crises.

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