Using Landscapes To Combat Climate Change – Pamela Conrad, Landscape Architect, Climate Positive Design

“Landscape architecture involves the planning, design, management, and nurturing of the exterior built and natural environments. So, landscape architects is a professional degree and…we design places like parks and campuses, streetscapes trails, plazas, residences, and other projects that strengthen communities. And … our work also involves increasing resilience to climate impacts and drawing down carbon in communities in an equitable way.” Pamela Conrad on Electric Ladies Podcast

You might take for granted how lovely the park near your home is, or your corporate or university campus,  but every inch of it was deliberately designed (unless it’s a national park), from the way it uses water and integrates with the area’s water systems, to the types of plants, trees and grass – including to mitigate climate change. How?

Listen to this fascinating interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with Pamela Conrad, Landscape Architect at Climate Positive Design, and you’ll look at parks and campuses in a whole new way.

You’ll hear:

“One, knowing and understanding your own strengths and then asking, ‘what action is needed around climate action?’ And then especially, ‘where do you see the gaps?’ And then fill it, jump into those spaces …And then the third… is to ask yourself that question of what brings you joy…And I think that to make sure that what you’re doing is something that you love, it can help prevent burnout.”

Pamela Conrad on Electric Ladies podcast

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