Understanding Community Transportation Needs – Julie A.White, NCDOT

“So we went out to the communities and we met with them and said,’ what do you want in your downtown? There’s this rail line that goes through the middle of your downtown. What’s your vision for that?’ And they all said, we think rail is a really big part of our future right now….We’d love to use that to spur economic development in our downtown. We think it creates foot traffic and then creates economic opportunity….How can you help us as small towns? How do we make the most of that?” Julie White on Electric Ladies Podcast

Public transportation today looks very different than ever before. It’s because communities are different, “commuting” is different, and what makes up “public transportation” is different. Covid is only part of it. Systems have changed, priorities have changed and funding options have changed, especially with the new federal legislation too. How so?

Listen to this fascinating interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with Julie White, Deputy Secretary of Transportation in North Carolina, a state that take “multi-modal” to a whole new level.


You’ll hear:

“First, have a proactive plan.  So, if you don’t know where you want to go, you cannot get there, right? So, map out what is it you want to do with your career and map out a proactive plan to get there. And then, the second step is, be willing to throw the plan away…. But the point of the plan was, I’m not willing to let life happen to me. I’m going to make life happen. We have the life we largely have, the life we build.”

Julie White on Electric Ladies podcast


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