Innovation at GE Ecomagination

What do Wal-Mart, Intel, and Statoil have in common? They each just partnered with GE Ecomagination to tackle tough environmental challenges in their business. From energy efficiency to saving water, to reducing waste, eight huge multinationals are collaborating with GE Eco to find innovative solutions. Listen here to the Global Head of GE Ecomagination Deb… Continue reading Innovation at GE Ecomagination

Jaime Carlson of the Dept of Energy tells us about financial incentives for energy efficient buildings.

Find out about financial incentives for increasing the energy efficiency of your home or buildings, from Jaime Carlson the top financial advisor for the U.S. Energy Department. For more information on the financial incentives in your area, Jaime Carlson recommended the following websites: and

Setting Unrealistic Expectations to Commemorate Earth Day

How did Tiger Woods win the most PGA tournaments of any golfer between the ages of 20 and 29 in history by far? How did Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming Dara Torres win four Olympic Silver medals at age 41? How did 48-year old Scottish singer Susan Boyle come from obscurity to number one on… Continue reading Setting Unrealistic Expectations to Commemorate Earth Day