Adapting to Climate Change – Beth Gibbons, Adaptation Professionals

Local leaders are managing the very real devastation to their communities and economies caused by extreme weather events, while much-needed resources from the federal government are tied up in political wrangling over whether climate change is real.  
The people on the ground dealing with these effects are called “adaptation professionals,” so Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson went to them to find out what’s happening on the ground. Listen to her startling conversation with Beth Gibbons, Executive Director of Adaptation Professionals for great insights on all sides of this life-threatening, economy-threatening, polarizing issue.

Innovation Requires Risk, but… Government Risk?

What is the government’s role in driving innovation? Listening to Senators during the recent Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearings on the Energy Department loan guarantee program (specifically loans to the now-infamous Solyndra), you’d think the federal government has no role in American innovation. The lawmakers love it when they can show up at… Continue reading Innovation Requires Risk, but… Government Risk?