Why Place Matters – Stacy Jupiter, MacArthur “Genius” Winner 2019

Climate Resilience That Respects Culture and Nature, As Well As Economies
“Help local people think about what they can do to have access to the natural resources they need for very important things like clean water, food, cultural resources and cultural practices…(which are) incredibly important.” Stacy Jupiter on Green Connections Radio
As world leaders and climate leaders, scientists and activists gather to address solutions to the climate crisis, Dr. Stacy Jupiter has a novel perspective on what communities need to address in those climate resilience plans – and in driving change.  She just won a MacArthur “Genius” award for it.
Listen to Stacy explain to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson why our sense of a place and its culture are just as vital to our well-being as clean water and food, especially in many countries like Melanesia, where she is currently working.

You’ll hear:

Read Joan’s Forbes blog about lessons in leading change from Stacy’s work and Joan’s Forbes blog about women and COP25 too.
“In order to take things to the next (career) level, you need to have a good support network….to have people who are there that can help balance all the different aspects of your life, so you can have the time and space to off in a few direction and be innovative.” Stacy Jupiter on Green Connections Radio
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